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Voices From The Past is a genealogical research service, based in Toowoomba, Queensland. As well as carrying out genealogical research, we also offer a repository to store your own research online.

The Voices from the Past website is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the contribution of those who came before us.

It is a website developed by genealogists, for genealogists.

The Voices from the Past website is not just a list of names and dates, or a place for biographies of the famous. It is a place to share the story of the individuals who have made our lives what they are today.

We are happy to publish any biographies you care to submit.

We do, however, insist that the subject of a biography be no longer living, so that there can be no problems with privacy.

Over time, we expect this site to develop into a repository of biographical details which will greatly assist genealogists in their research.

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