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Oliver KEY

Oliver KEY married Sarah Wade (born 1761 in Middlesex) on May 7, 1786 at St John of Hackney, Middlesex, London.

Oliver and Sarah had the following children:

1. Alice KEY Born: 22 Dec 1788 - London, Eng Christened: 18 Jan 1789 - All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex

2. James KEY Born: 2 Jul 1790 - London, England Christened: 25 Jul 1790 - All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex

3. Sarah KEY Born: 27 Feb 1793 - Tottenham, Middlesex, ENG Christened: 17 Mar 1793 - All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex

4. John KEY Born: 3 Jun 1795 - London, Eng Christened: 21 Jun 1795 - All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex

5. Joseph KEY Born: 8 Jun 1798 - London, Eng Christened: 24 Jun 1798 - All Hallows, Tottenham, Middlesex

According to the Parish Registers Oliver was a labourer in Middlesex in the 1790s.

He was a witness at his daughter Alice's wedding and signed with a cross as his mark, which indicates that he couldn't write.

Oliver KEY died in 1833 and was buried on December 1, 1833 in Tottenham, Middlesex.

In 1841, his widow Sarah was living with her daughter Alice and husband Samuel Duffield and her granddaughter Alice Key, niece of Alice and Samuel, at Providence Place, Tottenham.

Sarah died in 1847 and was buried on July 14, 1847 at Tottenham.