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Michael ERHART

Michael ERHAR(D)T was born on the 11th January 1833 in Kaferthal, Baden, Germany to Peter Joseph ERHARD(T) and Elisabeth WEIS(S) and whilst in Germany Michael was a Shepherd.

In 1852 Michael sailed to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia aboard the "Johann Caesar" where he met and married Christiana Wilhelmina HAIDLE on the 2nd August 1858 at the German Mission Station in Nundah, Brisbane. Christiana was born 25th October 1835 in Stettin, Wurtemburg, GERMANY to John Gottleib HAIDLE and Sarah SCHNELL.

Christiana first journeyed from Germany to Adelaide, South Australia aboard the "La Rochelle" in 1855 then travelled by the steamer "Polly" through to Sydney where she spent 18 months before moving north to Brisbane. Christiana was living in Sydney at the time of the shipwreck of the "S.S.Dunbar"in 1857 off Sydney Heads, noted as the worst peacetime disaster of New South Wales with 121 of the 122 people aboard being lost and she often recalled this memory to her family and friends.

After their marriage they travelled to the Darling Downs via Gorman's Gap south of Toowoomba on horseback along with bullock drays and for some years settled in the Goomburra Valley where they called their home "Cressbrook" and later moving to Allora.

They first lived in a small bark hut in Allora with their growing family and subsequently built a home and named it "Roseneath Cottage" where they raised seven children. This home still stands today.

Michael opened Allora's third Hotel, the "Queen's Arms" which was later renamed the "Royal Hotel".

Michael and Christiana's first son, Joseph, born in 1872 was said to be the first white child born in the township of Allora. Joseph became an Overseer at Glengallon Homestead and later settled in the Goomburra Valley.

Michael died on the 25th February 1889 and was laid to rest in Allora and Christiana died on the 15th February 1915 and lays beside Michael in the Allora cemetery.